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Midweek Music Break: We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

I came across “Quiet Little Voices” when exploring for new music, I think on Pandora, a number of years ago, but the band name (We Were Promised Jetpacks) also stood out.  After one listen, I was already hooked. The song has a great energy and passion, and it just keeps building and building throughout the song.   By the time it reaches the end, especially if I’m running, the blood is flowing and adrenaline is surging.  It’s not over complex musically or...

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Marathon Fundraiser Update – Above and Beyond!

Thank you so much to everyone who has not only helped me meet my fundraising goal of $500 for The Lemieux Foundation, but go beyond.  To date, you have helped me raise $625 to help cancer research and make hospital stays easier on children.  I’m so thankful to everyone who has contributed, and am excited for race day to come (Just over 3 weeks to go!). However, the foundation is still short of their goal at the current time.  They...

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Midweek Music Break: The Lonely Island – SPELL IT OUT

A little bit of humor this week, as a break from my last build-up week of running for the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon. I love the throwback feel of this song (similar to 1991’s “Pin The Tail On The Donkey” by Naughty By Nature), but with The Lonely Island’s signature twist (“Wait, that’s gross…”). It’s witty, absurd, and a little bit disgusting (if you take it seriously…).   And, no, I will not be spelling it out for you, but YouTube...

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Closing In On Marathon Fundraiser Goal

Thanks to my very generous friends and family, I have now raised 90% of my goal to raise at least $500 for The Mario Lemieux Foundation as I run the 2015 Pittsburgh Marathon.  I’m extremely thankful for everyone’s support thus far, and race day is still over 5 weeks away! If you haven’t yet contributed and would like to help me get over the hump, please visit my Team Lemieux page and add your donation.

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A Half-Day For Building A Simple Marble Roller Coaster

This afternoon, I took time off from work to go in to my son’s preschool and help the kids build a “simple” marble roller coaster (using this video as my motivation) as part of a “simple tools” unit they’re working on.  I showed up with a base and a screw-based elevator, and had the kids help me thread the tubes with wires, make holes in the tubes, and use screws to connect the tubes together and to the posts to...

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Midweek Music Break: My Chemical Romance – Destroya

So, somehow I’ve managed to avoid one of my favorite bands in the Midweek Music Break, but no longer.  Today I bring you “Destroya” off their last full album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.  The album is thematically about a rebel group in a post-apocalyptic future, and “Destroya” fits right into that theme. What I love about this song is not just the drum buildup, or the power guitars, but the unadulterated rebellion in this song.  It’s...

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A Run To Be Excited About…

The thing I enjoy so much about marathon training is the challenge combined with the adventure.  When I talk about it, people ask “You ran how far?!?”, but it gives me this great chance to explore and be lost in thought.  I ran for 3 hours on Sunday, the time just seemed to melt away, and I had fun doing it. I won’t claim to be the fastest, or breaking any records (except for my own, hopefully), but this was...

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“No Room For Normal…”

At least today’s, as here’s the weather description for tonight’s 5-miles of intervals (following a relaxed 6 miles this morning): That’s right!  There is no room for normal here!  

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Midweek Music Break: Kanye West – All Falls Down

While I’m not a fan of Kanye West the person (egotistical and paranoid makes for a weird combination), but I’ll admit that he does bring a good hit to the forefront every now and then. One of my favorites, which has been popping up on my randomized playlists a lot lately, is 2003’s All Falls Down: It’s a combination of a great beat, great hook and strong rapping, which has managed to defy aging for the most part (not a...

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Midweek Music Break: Halestorm – I Miss The Misery

Picking something a bit newer this week, with one of the better rock songs in recent memory: Halestorm’s “I Miss The Misery”. While having a catchy beat and guitar riff, it’s really the vocals that make this song.  They line up perfectly with the lyrics and are a great blend of anger, frustration, disappointment and longing.   It’s a great bold and strong song that I can play again and again.