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Midweek Music Break: The Limousines – The Last Dance

While I originally came across The Limousines thanks to Internet Killed The Video Star, their self-released Hush album as a terrific sophomore effort from the band. Today, I’ve picked out “The Last Dance” to share. What I enjoy about the song is the moody balance.  The song builds, but not too high, and plays very nicely with the lyrics.  But it’s the vocals that shine here, and really make the song.  They’re alternatingly soft and then bold, but full of...

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Midweek Music Break: Yelle – Je Veux Te Voir

A day early this week, and with today being Bastille Day, we’ll throw a little French flavor into the mix: I had probably listened to Yelle’s “Je Veux Te Voir” a hundred times before I bothered to look up the translated lyrics.  Even without understanding the content, it’s a great song with a playful beat and her voice is highlighted as the main driver of the song with an understated accompaniment.  It basically has all the great pop elements. Then,...


Midweek Music Break: J. Geils Band – Centerfold

Throwing way back today to a song I’ve always associated with summer, probably because of the playful and lighthearted feel, 1981’s “Centerfold” from J. Geils Band: While the video, like so many other early music videos, is downright awful (though not half as bad as their video for “Freeze Frame“), but still tries to catch the less-than-serious tones of the song.  It’s not a tremendous musical feat, it’s not deep, it’s just a fun song, and sometimes that’s exactly what you...

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 04: Better Than Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin (L) and bassist Tom Drummond perform during the Red White & Boom Independence Day festival at Desert Breeze Park July 4, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) 0

Midweek Music Break: Better Than Ezra – Good

Ah, one of the classic hits of the 90’s… This is one of those songs that I know so well that I don’t even have to think about the lyrics, and can sing along with without hesitation.  With the driving bass line and clean but distinct vocals of Kevin Griffin, this was one of the catchiest songs of the decade and the first step in a career that continues today. But, mostly, I simply enjoy the nostalgia that comes along...

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Midweek Music Break: Counting Crows – Raining in Baltimore

Going back to the throwback music this week, mostly because my wife was in Baltimore recently, and managed to get rained on, leaving me with this Counting Crows song in my head for the next week… I love this album in general.  It’s sullen, moody, stripped down and beautiful.  However, this song in particular highlights those traits, comprising primarily of Adam Druitz’s voice and a piano. There’s things I remember and things I forget I miss you I guess that...

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Kohlrabi and Carrot Fritters

  I had purchased some Kohlrabi at our local farmer’s market and was exploring how to prepare it.  I came across a recipe for Kohlrabi fritters, but also heard they were good with curry powder, so I made my own adaptation, which came out really well.  Even my kids gobbled them up!  Ok, they were fried, but you have to indulge sometimes! Kohlrabi and Carrot Fritters   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 6 mins Total time 16 mins...

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Midweek Music Break: Passion Pit – Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)

While not a household name, Passion Pit has been regularly churning out creative music over the past 8 years.   Their latest album, Kindred, has continued to showcase their creativity.  Today, I bring you one of their latest releases, “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”. This song exemplifies what Passion Pit does so well: bring together sounds that often appear disjointed and blend them into something powerful and catchy.  The distinct vocals of Michael Angelakos ties the song together nicely as the song...

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Mt. Lebanon Kicks Off “Urban Trail Running” Initiative

Mt. Lebanon, PA — After years of planning and several months of construction, Mt. Lebanon recently unveiled the first trail in their brand new “Urban Trail Running” initiative to help encourage a healthier city.  The 1-mile “Boulevard Trail”, adjacent to Castle Shannon Boulevard, is a combination of asphalt, crushed limestone and broken concrete. “For too long, our local trail runners have had to leave the community to experience the sport they enjoy.  Now, the trail has come to them!” Councilwoman...

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Washington Wild Things Sleepover

Last Friday, my son and I got a chance to do something that was really cool with our local Y-Guides (formerly Indian Guides) group.  We went to an independent league baseball game, saw some fireworks, and then got a chance to camp out on the field overnight. For the game, we saw the Washington Wild Things (of Washington, PA) take on the Traverse City Beach Bums. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too much of a game, as the Bums got out to...

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Midweek Music Break: Blur – Ong Ong

While most people in the US know Blur from their hit “Song 2″, today I’m bringing you a newer song of theirs called “Ong Ong”. I love the relaxed, almost beachy, feel of this song that has a great summery feel.  It’s a great little love ditty that just makes you smile. Smile, summer’s almost here!