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NFL Sees The Light

It was very good to see that all the owners and players association representatives finally came to their senses and worked out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) through 2011. While a relatively minor story the past few weeks, there was a lot at stake for everyone involved.

  • Owners were arguing amongs themselves about revenue-sharing plans. Owners in smaller markets wanted to see sharing of local market profits to go along with the national TV and radio contracts, while owners who did not have publicly funded stadiums wanted to make sure they did not get shorted on the deal.
  • The players were facing a decertification of the player's union if the new agreement was not reached.
  • The league could have encountered anti-trust lawsuits if the players union was decertified.
  • Both sides were facing an uncapped season in 2007. For the players, the could mean the freedom to go anywhere that could afford them and demand outrageous contracts. For the teams, this meant that the richest teams could sign the best players. It could potentially have been the death knell to parity in the NFL as we know it.

Thankfully, both sides made concessions and ultimately did what was best for the future of the league. It just took them a little while to figure it all out…

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