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Microsoft Origami – No Need For Paper

An Origami DeviceA few days ago, Microsoft revealed it's Origami device, an Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC). While I've never been a big fan of many of Microsoft's "innovations", this joint effot device seems very intriguing. It includes a touch screen, wireless connectivity, and the hardware specs of a mid-level laptop, but all in a sub-2lb package. The battery life may be a little short, but that is sure to improve over time.

Now, I used to have a Dell handheld device that I initially thought was really cool, but I really didn't find many situations where it was usefull because it's functionality was so limited for a serious computer user like myself. However, these Origami devices have the power of a full laptop and should be able to overcome those hurdles that I encountered before. Add to the fact that they are keeping the price in the very reasonable $500-1000 range, and this device has the chance to be a real winner. And being fully functional in just two hands, these devices could find niches with both those on-the-go as well as the home user who doesn't want to be tied down to a table or desk with either a laptop or desktop.

I'm really looking forward to seeing one of these things in action. Depending on how it works, these could either be a real winner, or they could be a monumental flop.

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