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Fort Minor: The Rising Tied

Fort Minor: The Rising TiedThis is the reason why I enjoy LAUNCHcast radio online. Because so it mixes in other music similar to your preferences, you often can discover new music. That's how I stumbled across Fort Minor. After hearing two songs I liked (and thinking the voices were familiar), I went to their website and found out that Fort Minor is the side project of Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda (produced by Jay-Z). It's a rap album, but much more in line with Linkin Park's style. So far I've listened to most of the album, and it's not bad. Some tracks are definately better than others, but the lead single Where'd You Go is probably the cream of the crop. Remember The Name and Beleive Me definately carry their own weight as well.

For serious Linkin Park fans, this album is a must-have for the collection. You still get a lot of the same LP vibe, but with more of the experimental nature found in the Collision Course disc made with Jay-Z.

For everyone else, this is an interesting journey of an individual, as is any side project. However, many of the tracks are almost too similar (or at least indistinct). There are a few gems you probably want to grab, but the rest of the 19-track album can probably be left alone.

In the end, it's a solid first solo effort by Shinoda, and if he follows it up in the same way his band did previously, there could be big things for him as a solo artist in the future as well.

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