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The Big Bang Cup

Big Bang Cup

I love astronomers! They're here to fill our lives with whimsy and fantastic explanations of the universe in a desperate attempt to squash all religion, and in the process making one of their own.

The latest theory (WARNING: Expires 03/2008) is that by observing "the oldest light in the universe", we can learn specific details about the events that occurred billions of years ago when the universe was formed.

"It's admittedly mind-boggling. Inflation poses that the universe expanded far faster than the speed of light and grew from a subatomic size to a golf-ball size almost instantaneously. This concept, however, was a mere product of calculations done with pencil and paper around 1980. The idea stands on much firmer ground today."

I've read all the details of the explanation, and it reads a lot like the Scientologists handbook. What firmer ground is there? When are the aliens coming to take us to the home planet?

There are just not enough details and connections to label these observances as proof of anything. Heck, we can't even ensure the measurements made by the WMAP are accurate because there's nothing to realistically test it against. I also like the diagram above which tries to give some illustration of the hypothesis, but it's intrinsically flawed due to the perspectives we have in observing all this from Earth.

But then again, there's a new theory every few years and it always "prooves" the last one wrong as scientists continue to search for some kind of proof that there is no God.

So even if this latest theory is correct, there is still the question of what caused the "inflation" at that point in time. I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to that one, and He knows I know.

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