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Dallas Calls An Early T.O.

The Dallas Cowboys have demonstrated their committment to integrity by signing much maligned wide receiver Terrell Owens. Terrell Owens UnhappyWhile some believe that Dallas head coach Bill Parcells may be able to tame the egomaniacal Owens (over 50% of fans according to the latest ESPN SPORTSNATION polls), let's just say that T.O. is no Terry Glenn. 'She' was a much less ego-driven individual who may have been a slightly disruptive force, but unless T.O. is on a team called the "Terrell Owens TO's" he will create a circus around that team.

There may be a one-year grace period like there was with the Eagles in their run to Super Bowl XXXIX, but that's likely all that Dallas will be able to get out of this signing. I'm also sure that committing around $8 million to T.O. will help Dallas improve there defense, which was the downfall of last year's team.

Good night and good luck, Dallas. You're going to need it!

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