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We’re All Homers!

UCONN HuskiesI wanted to pass on this read from ESPN's Page 2 about fan dedication. It really rung true for me as I am, for the most part, a fan of the teams I grew up around. Having grown up in Storrs, Connecticut, my college allegiances have always been to UConn and are likely to be in any place I live. It's the same way for me with the Patriots and Red Sox. I've tried to take up other teams (Pitt, Ohio State, and the Blue Jackets), and they just never seem to stick as well as the originals. Heck, even in a college football game I'd be rooting to UConn to beat Ohio State. It's almost crazy the kind of loyalty that has been developed!

At least it's not only me.

My favorite line in the article had to be this one:

I know the kids in Storrs were just as goofy, cocky and, in some cases, legitimately insane as the students at Gonzaga, UCLA and Tennessee … but they were my kind of insane.

I may not be the same kind of crazed fan that I once was (being married to a strong fan of an opposing team will do that to you), but I'm always 100% behind my teams.

So, since it's March…


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