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A Step Of Faith

I wanted to share the good news that I was elected to the board of directors at my church (SPAG) last week, and last night we had our first board meeting. In all honesty, it makes me a bit nervous. Not in a bad way, but in a “am I really ready for this” kind of way. I had the same feelings two years ago when I was asked to take over as worship leader at the church.

At that time, I had only been at the church for a year, only been playing with the worship team for about six months, and had never really lead worship except as a fill-in about once a month as needed. When I told that the worship leader was going to be leaving the church and moving away, and that they wanted me to take over, I was shocked. I was flattered, but I almost turned it down before I went to prayer. I still didn’t think that I was ready, but I knew that if God had called me into this ministry, then it’s what I would do.

In the time since, even in the craziness of planning a wedding, I have grown so much as a musician, leader, and person in general. I kind of learned my place, and saw what blessings occurred when I trusted in the Lord, and what struggles I had when I tried to make things perfect in my way. I’ve also had my ego tempered, as more and more I get people telling me how much they enjoyed worship, but I now realize that the praise isn’t meant for me. At first I had been pseudo-humble, but now I can truly say I find it an honor to be able just to lead worship for the Lord and His people.

That said, you’d think I’d be better prepared to take on a larger role in the church. It’s one thing for me to lead worship, because I’ve long had a passion for music. However, to become part of the church leadership for almost all church buisness is a huge responsibility that I wasn’t sure I was ready to take on. I knew that my congregation and pastor were ready for me to tackle this new challenge, but I was a little more hesitant myself. Even now, I guess I still am, but I do know that I’ve been called into the situation. Even though it may not be easy, it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.

As Pastor Paul told me when I was asked to take over as worship leader, “I’d be kind of worried if you weren’t a little nervous”. I guess it’s the same kind of thing this time around. Whether I think I’m prepared or not, it’s God that knows what I’m capable of. For that I am thankful, and I will do my best to trust in His judgement.

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