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ColdFusion Warming Up

This was good news to me, so I thought I’d share it. TIOBE Software recently released their Programming Community Index for March 2006, and Macromedia’s ColdFusion language took a big jump in the rankings. It’s up to being the 13th most popular language (up from 26th in March 2005). The usual suspects (Java, C/C++, and PHP) remained at the top of the list, but as a ColdFusion developer I was glad to see that it is becoming more popular.

While I may not program in ColdFusion as much any more since I have switched jobs and no longer use it professionally, I still use ColdFusion for almost all of my website development, including this blog, If Jesus Had A Website, South Pittsburgh Assembly of God, and I find that it is a very powerful and straight-forward language, and I’m not surprised to see it’s rate of adoption increasing. All you really need is a good host and you can get rolling.

Now, it I just had more time to work on my ColdFusion development, I could really get good stuff together!

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