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Sore Soriano

Mediocre infielder Alfonso Soriano, who was traded from the Rangers to the Nationals in the offseason, has been refusing to play in the outfield for his new team. Now, he stated this as soon as he was traded, but the Nationals felt they would be able to talk him into it by now. No such luck so far.

Soriano is still refusing to take to the outfield, even though the Nationals have a solid defensive and offensive second baseman in Jose Vidro. To counter that, Soriano brings his sickly glove-work and an uncanny ability to hit bad pitching, but whiff everything against a pitcher with any semblance of “stuff”.

While Soriano is a decent player, he’s not the all-star he thinks he is, and if he wants to continue his career as anything more than a DH, he’s going to have to make the transition to the outfield. If he can’t swallow his pride here, he deserves to be put on the “disqualified” list (where he won’t get paid) until he wises up!

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