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Are You Paying Attention To Me?

I know that in today’s world, we often get wrapped up in being accessible to everyone through e-mail, IM, cell phones, etc. In fact, that was the exact topic of an article Steven Levy talking about Continuous Partial Attention. We’re often trying to do to much at once, which leaves us distracted, unproductive, and stressed. However, to put it in Matrix terms, at times we need to “unplug”.

I know I go through periods when I just need to step away from it all and enjoy life. Other times, I have no problem with all the multitasking. I guess the important thing is to not get so caught up in it that we get too stressed out or become slaves to it. Even as a computer programmer, I know that it’s important to have life dictate technology and not vice-versa. Heck, maybe we should even organize an “Unplugged Day” where we just disconnect from everything we don’t need for a day.

But sometimes the hardest part is knowing that we need to unplug, but not being able to bring ourselves to do so..

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