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Hazy Vista?

Latest reports from Slashdot are saying that Microsoft is currently scrambling to get as much as 60% of the code rewritten for the upcoming OS Windows Vista. This will likely push the release of Vista from late 2006 to early 2007.

I know I’ve seen some good demos of many of the features that are coming in Vista, and there’s been much talk abot ramping up the security features, but a massive rewrite like this is rather troublesome. Has Microsoft made a last-minute direction change with parts of the product? Was a security flaw actually exposed before the operating system was released for once? (That would be good news, even with the delay!)

Still, the biggest question that will have to be addressed is “What does Vista do that will benefit me that much more?”. For typical early-adopters like myself, this isn’t much of an issue. However, in the standard home user and corporate environments, which have been slow to even pick up Windows XP, will Microsoft be able to prove the benefits of Vista? Maybe this rewrite and delay will be a step towards doing that, which may benefit many of us in the end.

Update: Maybe things are worse than initially feared. One executive has already lost his job due to the delays, and today even the NY Times picked up on Microsoft’s problems with Vista.

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