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My Sweet Sixteen

Boy, what a lousy way to end a thrilling weekend. Being a UConn fan, I was crushed by the result of the Huskies-Patriots game. It's notBasketball so much the outcome of the game, but how it transpired. The Huskies had every chance to win the game, but just never showed the desire that they wanted it. The Huskies clearly had more talent, but didn't have the hustle or desire that George Mason did.

I think that much of this epitomizes the way the tourney has played out so far. The team that has wanted it more has been winning out. "Scrappy" has become the latest buzz-word. LSU out-hustled both Duke and Texas. UCLA got the best of Gonzaga and Memphis. Florida and George Mason took on all comers and come out against some of the elite teams in the country.

It's going to be an interesting Final Four now, with 4 teams with a great hunger to win. I'm rooting for George Mason now, which would be the ultimate underdog story. Even though they've ousted my team, I'll still hope they pull it out!

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