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Pot Pourri

Today just seems like a slow day, so maybe I’ll try to spice it up by hitting on a few different items…

  • Baseball’s almost back, and I’m finally looking forward to the season. A few weeks ago, I wasn’t real high on the current Red Sox team, but I’m getting there now.
  • I’ve gotten my two live-draft fantasy baseball teams squared away, and both are looking pretty solid. Another reason to get the season under way!
  • What a great idea to have the NFL highlight Manning v. Manning on NBC’s return to NFL broadcast! Since the opener isn’t an elimination game, both QBs should be able to avoid choking.
  • I’ve personally been very disappointed with the redesigns of both ESPN and CNN in the past few months. Seems like they’re just pushing more crap to the top of the pages, and moving the news down.
  • That’s the very reason I’ve also grown to love RSS and Bloglines in that same time frame.
  • Deeyah, a musician with an interesting backgound who has been called the “Muslim Madonna”, has been receiving a lot of negative reaction in the Islamic community. Chances are more likely she’ll be the “Muslim Christina Agulera” and we won’t hear much more from her in a few months. However, after waching George Mason defy the odds, she may become the spokeswoman for the rights of Islamic women.
  • Are you Unskilled and Unaware of It?
  • I’ve been wondering for a whileNEXT today about what’s “next” for the internet? The whole blogging thing just kind of blindsided most of us as it became an internet revolution, and now that it has become a part of most people’s social conciousness, the “next” thing has to be lurking…right?
  • Heck, I could think of lots of great stuff if I only had the information to do it with.
  • However, it’s real easy to get lost in the internet when there is so much out there and it seems like no one is paying attention to you.
  • But that’s no reason to stop…
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