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What’s Your Excuse?

TIME magazine has recently published an articleBeer entitled The Myth About Girls Going Wild, which addresses how a growing number of women are using alcohol as an excuse to do the crazy things they know they wouldn't do otherwise. While it's an interesting insight into a growing problem, it is still a little off focus.

The truth is that this is a growing problem with both men and women. Why else do they show men in movies who take that one last shot before going to talk to a pretty woman? It's the same reason a woman has a few too many drinks and then takes a guy home with her: it's a built-in excuse.

We all know that alcohol impares judgement. The man knows that there is a good chance of rejection, but the alcohol becomes an excuse of bad judgement if he does get rejected. The woman clearly wants something to happen (by reducing her ability to say "no" with alcohol), but then can blame the bad hookup on the booze that gave her the "courage" to bring him home.

It would be easy for either person to just write off their actions as "not the kind of thing they'd normally do" and then go out and do it the next week or night.

And we can thank the law for providing the excuse in the first place. For it has long been ruled in rape cases that even if the woman said "yes" and was impared, that her decision was not a green light for the man. In my opinion, the woman needs to be held accountable for the actions leading to her imparement as well. For if she didn't have the excuse, she probably wouldn't have had the problem in the first place.

So, if you're going out and drinking so that you can talk yourself into doing things you know you probably shouldn't do, I have one question for you:

What's your excuse?

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