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Hard-Fi: Stars of CCTV

If you’ve not yet heard of Hard-Fi, then let this be your warning. I’ve actually been listening to them for a while, and have been surprised that they haven’t caught on more. They are an extremely talented group whose music covers a relatively broad array of styles. The songs on their debut album, Stars of CCTV, range from the catchy melodious styles of Franz Ferdinand or The Killers to the reflective croonings of Coldplay. And, much to my liking, their entire album is a testament to their talents. This is clearly not a whole CD with just one or two songs worth listening to.

However, some tracks do stand out above the rest. Their first single, Cash Machine, is a powerfully catch song about living life solely worried about money. Add to those the triumphs of Tied Up Too Tight and Better Do Better, and numerous other songs more than able to hold their own (heck, I could highlight any one of them, the album is that good).

So without gushing on and on about the entire album, let me just strongly suggest checking these guys out. Forget the Artic Monkeys and check out a great band with a great album. If you have a flash-enabled web browser and Windows Media Player or RealPlayer, then you can check out their website to get a few previews from Stars of CCTV. Trust me, it will be well worth your time.

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