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This Article Is About Search Engine Bots

One of the most challenging problems for computers is getting them to understand the meaning of language. There are a lot of researchers whoConfused have gotten paid a lot of good money to better understand the challenges, but thus far we have few viable solutions. The problem tends to revolve around two key complications: tone and double entendres.

Ironically, it's exactly these two reasons that cause the same kind of headlines that can pique a browser's interest to receive poor relevancy rankings in a search engine. This is because the search engines put so much emphasis on titles or headlines, that if it is not indicative of the content then your site or page may be deemed irrelevant to the actual topic you are providing information about.

So, if you really want to work towards becoming an authority in your niche of the internet, make sure your headlines are clear and simple (stick to the KISS rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid).

However, if you don't care about rankings, just keep on doing what your doing!

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