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Because Bunnies Are Cuddlier Than Jesus…

Every year around Easter, I begin to get annoyed by rabbits. I’ll be walking through my neighborhood, and inevitably I’ll come across a house where the residents must have decided to take a trip to Michaels and buy everything that was pastel or had a bunny on it.

Now, years ago I would have had no problem with this because I enjoyed the “holiday” of Easter and all the candy and games that came with it. However, as I have grown into my faith and beliefs, and I’ve become so aware of what Easter is really all about, all the Easter Bunny stuff becomes borderline heretical.

The ones that really get me are the people who push all of this other stuff, and still call themselves Christians. These are the people who are at all the Friday fish frys throughout Lent, but don’t bother to show up at church on Sunday. The same people who decorate their house with rabbits, skip out on Good Friday (arguably a much more significant day for Christians as it was the day that the sins were removed by the blood spilled by Jesus), and then come to celebrate the risen savior on Easter. The hypocracy to my as a believer is frustrating, and I can completely understand why a non-believer will point at such people as reasons they don’t want to be a Christian.

As Christians, let us remember and focus on the truly important parts of this holiday weekend. This is the annual celebration of the sacrifice that was made by Jesus to wash away the sins of all those who truly believe in him.

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