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Scarlet – Gray = Crap

The Ohio State University unveiled new jerseys recently, and apparrently the screen printers ran out of gray. You’ll see here the “new” Ohio State football uniforms, that crazily look a lot like the current Wisconsin Badger uniforms. While a seemingly small departure from the classic design, the change has sent shockwaves through the legions of Ohio State fans, and almost all the the opinions have been negative. I mean, they’ve removed the gray from the Scarlet & Gray. Did Nike and OSU not notice that problem?

Having lived a number of years in Columbus, I can understand the flack. Basically, Nike (yes, I’m pretty sure those fools are the origin of this problem) Classic Ohio State Uniformhas decided to destroy one of the all-time iconic uniforms in favor of brand conformity. At best, the change is a disgrace, and would be on-par with an idea to eliminate the pinstripes from the Yankees uniforms. I’m sure Paul Lukas over at Uni Watch can attest to some of the other bad ideas that have come out of the Nike factories, as well as the fans of Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida and Oregon.

Memo to Nike: A team uniform is meant to quickly allow the identification of a group of individuals as a team. If you continue to make everyone look the same, I won’t know if I’ve turned on Ohio State, Wisconsin, NC State, Miami (Ohio) or New Mexico.

“In our case, we’re going to sell jerseys regardless,” athletics department spokesman Steve Snapp told the Columbus Dispatch. “We don’t have to change our jersey to increase sales.” Well, they may have to now!

Careful, New York…Nike may be eying your team next.

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