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The Beauty of Spring




I must say that it's great to have spring back here in Pennsylvania. The last few months have been very long because we've had those too-warm-to-be-winter-but-too-cold-to-be-spring temperatures since January with a few glimpses of warmth spattered in. Now we've hit the 60s and 70s and look to stay there for the most part. And I must say that if feels like such a blessing. Every day I'm getting out of work and wanting to do something outdoors after work. My gym pass has been on the shelf because I just don't want to be indoors any more than I have to. Tonight, I'm planning to go shoot some hoops with Marci just down from our apartment, just because we can!

Now, if I could just convince my boss to set me up with a nice wireless setup so I could work outside…

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