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The Journey Taken and The Road Ahead

I was at the mall last night with Marci, and while she was trying on some clothes I had the salesclerk ask me if I had gone to IUP (that Inidiana University of Pennsylvania, for those not familiar with the area). I politely shook my head and said “no”, and she went on to tell me that she graduated with someone who looked similar. I originally thought it odd for her to ask, because she appeared to be at least four or five years my senior. But then I remember how surprised most people at church and work are when I tell them my age.

However, that and a post from my friend Chris (LeftWithoutRight) got me thinking about how much I’ve grown and changed over the last several years. No longer am I some aimless college student.

Just four years ago, I didn’t feel ready for life. I felt that there was so much more to learn and I wanted to continue on with school. After having spent several years trying out that road, I made the tough choice of taking my life in another direction and joining the workforce. Grad school just wasn’t the enriching and indulging experience that I had hoped for.

That’s about when things really started to change.

I had spent a lot of time in grad school trying not to get involved in things. However, when I finally stopped trying and let God guide me again, I got involved again. Especially at church. My attitude has gone from “I can’t” to “what else can I do”.

Somehow, in about three years I went from “college kid” to “church pillar”. And calling myself a pillar is not something I can do easily, because it feels haughty, but it’s something I’m very aware of when members of the congregation turn to me for answers to their questions. The funny thing is that it’s something I still don’t feel prepared for, and I doubt I ever will.

I had always been looking to the future, but a funny thing happened. God brought the future to me, before I thought I was ready. Or maybe I had just been looking the wrong way all this time. Nonetheless, I can’t help but wonder what He has planned next.

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