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Someday Will We Comment That An Athlete Has “Favred” His Team?

Once respectable quarterback Brett Favre has finally made up his mind about what he will be doing next year, and that will be once again playing quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. While Favre has a Super Bowl ring, will likely be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and is the most iconic player in Packer’s history, his last few years have been a mess. Two years ago, he carried a mediocre team into the playoffs in one of his last great performance seasons. His stats weren’t overly impressive, but they would not have gotten that far without Favre.

But last year…ouch! Favre’s play really fell off as many of his playmakers went down with injuries. Favre tossed up 29 interceptions which, while still being well short of the NFL record (42 by George Blanda in 1962), helped spiral his team to a 4-12 record.

While many people would blame the poor performance on his teammate’s injuries, in reality it is a poor excuse. Yes, it’s always harder when you lose solid performers, but to easily surpass his previous worst performance (23 interceptions, twice) is an indication that, like a MLB pitcher, he’s begun to lost his stuff. It’s still the same old Favre trying to fit the football through the eye of a needle, but the ball doesn’t have the same zip. In a season where many griped that defenses were penalized due to strictly enforced pass interference rules, Favre still struggled mightily.

So, the Packers basically begged a guy who’s skills are rapidly deteriorating to come back once again while they leave their 2005 first-round draft pick, Aaron Rodgers, still waiting in the wings. And he left them hanging until a few days before the 2006 draft as management did little more than twist in the wind.

The question is not whether or not Favre can lead his team to the playoffs again, because he almost assuredly cannot. The question is will the Favre Farewell Tour be worth it as they push rebuilding the team off yet another year?

If I were a Packers fan, the answer would be a resounding ‘No!’

Thankfully, I’m a Patriots fan and no man is bigger than the team in New England.

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