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NFL Draft Excitement

Last weekend we got a chance to once again experience one of the strangest spectacled events in sports. I can’t say too much bad about it myself, because I love the whole idea of the NFL Draft, but there are few sports events that get a whole weekend of continuous coverage when nobody is even playing.

As a fan of both college and NFL football, it’s exciting to see players you’ve watched in college move on to the next level, and watching what moves your favorite team decides to make. This year, I was particularly happy with the early picks the Patriots made. They picked up Lawrence Maroney, who was probably one of the best pure running backs in the nation last year on a team that couldn’t pass itself out of a paper bag. Chad Jackson is a big wide receiver who does need to work on his route running, but was a steal early in the second round when many experts had him going in the first 20 picks of the draft.

Beyond that, I often get lost in the shuffle of names. I usually trust that Coach Belichick knows best, even with this being the first year he’s really targeted the offensive skill positions. I may have heard of some of the other guys before, but that doesn’t mean they are best for my team.

I’m pretty happy with my team’s haul! How’d your team do?

(Oh, and if your team is Buffalo, I’m sorry because you guys did terrible!)

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