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A Good Reason To Label Things Properly

Today, I have a rather humorous story. Monday night, I had a friend who I knew from Pitt but hadn't talked to for almost a year give me a call and leave me a voicemail seeing if I wanted to hang out sometime soon. Since I didn't get the message until late, I waited to call him back until my lunch break yesterday. Playing phone tag, we bounced back and forth a few times before finally deciding to meet at a nearby cafe for dinner and pool to catch up. He said something about running into each other at the grocery store a little while ago, and something seemed to ring a bell, so I didn't pay it any mind.

So last night I made it to the cafe before him and was just sitting there waiting, and he walks in with this slightly puzzled look on his face, and then looked like he had an epiphany.

He walks up to me, and tells me how awkward it was because he called the wrong Greg. Turns out, a few days ago he had bumped into an old high school friend named Greg, and he got his phone number and saved it into his phone. Well, he saved it under "Greg", which is what he had my number down as. So when he went to call his friend, the number he wanted wasn't the first one to come up…mine was! Aparrently, we sound similar on the phone too.

Despite the misunderstanding, we still took the time to catch up on things. Amazingly, we spent 2 hours just talking (and neither of us is the real talkative type). It was nice to catch up with someone I hadn't seen in a while.

When we left, I couldn't resist saying "well, feel free to call me by accident again sometime".

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