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The Real Mission Impossible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  • Make a movie that is actually worth the $9 I’d have to pay and go see.
  • When you make a movie that isn’t worth that, then don’t complain that people like me didn’t go see it.

This industry will self-destruct in 10 years.

This has always been one of my pet peeves with the movie and music industries. They have this bizarre sense of entitlement, and when we don’t buy a poor product of theirs, they always blame the consumers. So when I don’t throw down $15 for Brittney Spears screaching into a microphone, it’s because I’m a fickle consumer and not because the music is terrible.

So, in a year when gas prices are already through the roof, movie companies can’t understand why that might make me less likely to go see a movie of questionable quality (especially now that Cruise has publicly proclaimed his insanity). As far as Mission: Impossible goes, I really enjoyed the first edition of the movie with Cruise because there were a lot of mind games going on along with the action. Unfortunately the sequel became Ethan Hunt Goes To The Special Effects Show with no plot. After that, I have no interest in a third edition.

Oh, and if the studios believe that Cruise and his scientology antics have had no effect on the ticket sales are kidding themselves anyway. He’s alienated a large number of his fans over tha past year.

But the industry as a whole needs to adjust, or it will find itself as a dinosaur in a progressively modern world.

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