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Busy Few Days

Boy, it seems like it's been a busy few days. Let's recap, shall we?

  • Work – Work has been crazy the last week as I've been learning our old system in order to add a new client. It's the same reason I spent Saturday working, and it's just drained me a bit. Haven't been too motivated to hit up the computer and accomplish much more than checking my e-mail.
  • 24 – Still easily my favorite show on TV today, and this season is heading for an all-out finish over the next 3 hours. The president's up to no good, but the only evidence they had to implicate him was seemingly just destroyed. Miles Papazian would have secured his place in hell if he wasn't just a TV show character.
  • The Amazing Race – Another great show, and about the only CBS ("America's #1 Network", somehow) show I watch. Was very relieved to see JoMo (my pet name for the MoJo couple that seems to have everything backwards) relieved of the stress of the race. I'm not sure how Joseph can stand the constant whining sounds coming from Monica, but he doesn't seem too bright himself. Well, that was the end of teams I really disliked (after Lake got tossed a few weeks ago and the whiney homosexuals got bounced in the first leg of the race). BJ and Tyler rebounded again and hopped into first, which Marci and I were both relieved to see. It should be an interesting race to the finish as it looks like they'll hit up both Japan and the frozen tundra of North America.
  • PS3 and Wii – A lot of gaming announcements going on this week with E3 going on, but it's really interesting. The more I hear from both Sony and Nintendo, the more I'm convinced that Microsoft made a huge mistake by rushing out the Xbox 360 last fall. That console has turned out to be little more than Xbox+, just an Xbox with better graphics. Meanwhile, Sony is building a killer system that will wow most hard-core gamers (even though it comes at a hefty price of $600, the technology it's using is worth much more than that) and Nintendo is breaking the mold with the Wii and it's potential revolutionary controller as they target current non-gamers and try to get them involved in the fun. This will be a very interesting development in the video game world, as Microsoft stares down the same road that Sega took years ago.

At least that's the interesting stuff I can think of right now. I'll check y'all later!

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