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Fun Links

Just a few interesting links today:

  • The RAV4EV, and electric car made in 2003 that got the equivalent of 166 MPG, had decent range, could travel at least 75 MPH, and didn't make people think you were gay.
  • There's a new Web2.0 application coming along called eBible. It's in beta testing right now, but it looks like it could become an interesting application.
  • Why 'Bunker Buster' weapons are typically ineffective.
  • An interesting story about a first year teacher in Boca Raton, Florida who posed for pictures for the "USA National Bikini Team" which were recently found. So far, the school district has decided not to punish her, but the local parents are pushing hard that "something be done". It's interesting because she doesn't appear to have done anything wrong, but many parents are not agreeing with their ethics (I can't say I agree either, but it's nothing that changes how she does her job). The funny thing is that the parents would probably have no objections if she was boozing it up and sleeping around, as long as it didn't get posted online. I guess it's the wrong message to send that a woman can have both looks and brains by having her teach.
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