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Doggie Update

One weekend in and we seem to already have grown close to Jake's heart. He's been behaving very well and even picked up on a few commands. Heck, he even seems to be housetrained as we've had no accidents at all. Today's his first long day by himself with both Marci and I working, so we'll see how he does in his cage.

Saturday, we took him over to some friend's house where they were having a yard sale. There were a couple of young girls there who he had to qualms with, and even their dog didn't phase him (well, except when the other dog, which was much bigger, started playing a little rough, and then he growled a little bit). Even with all the commotion of people coming and going, he didn't seem to care much. That night we went bowling with a group from church, and he made it through for a while in his first cage test with no problems.

Yesterday, my sister came by and got to meet Jake, and he had no fear of her at all. He was all excited to see someone new, and not too much later he fell asleep in her lap. He seems like a very trusting fellow now that he's beginning to realize that he's in his new "forever home", as many of the shelters like to call it. And we're very happy with him.

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