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The Dog In The Oven

Shortly before we were heading to bed last night, Jake hopped off of our couch and started walking tenatively into the kitchen where the light was turned off. He was walking towards our oven, which has the standard black glass front to it. As he got closer, he started to growl (and much deeper than I thought a little dog could) at the shadowy reflection he saw. Marci and I were nearly rolling on the floor laughing as he repeatedly approached the oven, growled, and then trotted back towards us. This went on for about 20 minutes, with the growls getting longer each time. I even managed to capture one of the trips on our video camera, but the sound picked up more of the TV sounds than Jake’s rumble.

Finally, he got to a boiling point and started barking at the oven and got all riled up. In front of a mirror, he has no problems, but the dark and menacing image in the oven seems to bother him. He must have been pretty spooked to because when we went to put him to bed he spent a while whimpering in his cage before I got back up to try and settle him down. I even had to move his cage back into our room to keep him quiet.

But the oven monster was quite a hit! Well, at least with Marci and I.

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