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Modern-Day Barbarians

Woman In Congo


A lot of the times, we in the "developed nations" hear the horror stories of what is going on in some of the African countries, and we're not quite sure how to react. We feel bad, but its a very surreal empathy, because it doesn't seem quite real. Many of us have a hard time understanding the pains caused by gang violence, so imagining a region basically ruled by the gangs is hard to do. Watching reports, we are often in denial, not believing that people could still be this way. We've heard similar stories before, but these are related as the barbaric practices of the ancient vikings and mongols.

And it continues on today…

How do we fix it? Well, that's the problem…we're not sure how. Many organizations have worked long and hard to try and get support for the many victims on the "dark continent", but it doesn't change the leadership nor stop the violence. Trade embargos don't work because it would only keep more resources from those sufferers who need it most. Military action would require more resources than may be available, and we've already seen the consequences of trying to force change in both Vietnam and Iraq.

So then what do we do?

I haven't the faintest idea…

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