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Until Next Year, Jack Bauer

So, last night I got to catch up on the end of the season of my favorite show on TV, 24. I’ve been recording it on the DVR so I can watch an intense 40 minutes instead of a commercial ridden hour for each episode. What an ending this past season had, even after the season had forced so much change. Let’s check the checklist:

  • President Logan goes down for the atrocities he had committed in giving terrorists access to deadly nerve gas. Check!
  • Christopher Henderson gets the undignified death he deserved for his “patriotism”. Check!
  • Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce stands up for the truth, and survives the terrible ordeal. Check!
  • Chloe comes through for Jack again (Check!), but she’s starting to give up almost as he is now.
  • Jack, at the end of a long day persuing the best interests of the nation, get reunited with his love, Audrey Raines, and then gets promptly dragged away by the Chinese and the season ends with him getting beaten on a ship to China. WHAT?!
  • The secret organization ordering President Logan around, headed by Dr. Romano, former doctor in the ER at County General in Chicago (who seems to have remarkably recovered his severed limb)…no, wait…in this show his name is Graham, goes completely untouched and unexplored. WHAT?! Who are they and what do they do?

Ok, so they’ve got me itching for next season (numero six) already, and I’m going to have to wait until January for that. Great! I guess I’m going to have to just get my copies of the last several seasons and watch them to tide me over. Only seven and a half months to go!

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