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Quick Hits From The Long Weekend

  • Jake loves the outdoors, and enjoyed the fenced in yard at my mother-in-law's house. He was chasing after everything that moved, and we found a few spots in the fence where that became a problem. But he always stayed close by.
  • Jake doesn't like swimming. He's ok when we give him baths, but when the water is deeper than he is tall, he gets nervous. The ironic thing is that he's a pretty darn good swimmer nonetheless.
  • Is it just me, or did Memorial Day seem like one of those early August days where you just want to lock yourself in with the AC up. With no noticeable breeze, I was sweating buckets just manning the grill (superbly, I might add).
  • A German job finder site has put together one of the most creative advertising campaigns I've ever seen. Check it out here, and see if you have to look twice to get it like I did.
  • If you've got some time to kill, you can always play some Sink My Ship (aka Battleship).
  • If Barry Bonds hit a home run in the woods and nobody was there to see it, would anybody care?
  • On that note, since when is becoming the second best at something supposed to be a noted accomplishment?
  • Coming back to work after a long weekend is always a bummer…
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