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A Lifetime of Learning

There are some days when I think I've learned all that I need to, and that's usually when I realize that I've got a lot left to learn. For example, I've been working hard on my blog/CMS platform, and just when I think I'm getting to a finishing point, I find some other way of doing what I'm doing and rewriting much of the code.

The funny thing is that I find this is true with much of life. We're always striving for a point where things are 'good enough', but when we get there they are never enough for us. And wouldn't you know it that God has been telling this all our lives. The old cliche "the grass is always greener on the other side" is more truthful than we give it credit for.

Ok, so this isn't all going to wrap up as a neat package, but the point is that we often get so wrapped up in making things better for ourselves here that we forget to take comfort in where we are with God.

Take the time out of your day, and give Him thanks for all that you have in Him today!

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