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Changing My Tune

I was driving around yesterday on my way into Oakland to pick up Marci after class to take Jake on a walk in Schenley Park. I was listening to my iPod and on came one of my throwback songs from my middle/high-school that I started singing along with.

And about halfway through the song I stopped completely.

It was one of those songs that I had known for so long that I didn't even need to think about it as I sang along, and then the lyrics hit my stream of conciousness. Man, were they inappropriate!

Now, I'm not a total prude. I don't mind swearing in songs as long it's used to convey an emotion (and not just as a filler like in most rap songs), and I don't mind what some would consider "questionable" topics. I can think of two Smashing Pumpkins songs that some Christians would have difficulties with (Zero and The Everlasting Gaze), but I enjoy because they give a great verbal depiction of depression and questioning which many people deal with.

But this song was glorifying promiscuity in a way that just sickened me when I realized what I was singing. The whole confusing women's liberation with the ability to have sex with whoever was the problem. It's one guaranteed way to never find true love, because it leaves the relationship out of the equation.

Anyway, it made me think a little more about what I listen to. If someone were to listen to all the music that I listen to, what would their impression of me and my beliefs be? Unfortunately, it's not as pretty a picture as I would like.

So, what are you listening to?

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