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Tag, You're It!

Caught a Slashdotted article today about implanting RFID chips in immigrants and guest workers. While a fine idea scientifically, there are a number of moral objections to the idea. Essentially, it's the same kind of chip that they implant into pets at the vet (except it would need a longer batter life than the 20 years on those ones…I only know because we just got Jake!) to keep pets from getting lost.

But is it ethical to treat other humans as such? I know we've got some serious border issues (and if I lived in California, I'd be peeved that such a large portion of my taxes went to supporting illegal immigrants…c'mon, the immigration procedures aren't that unbearable). But I wouldn't be too keen on getting a chip put in me, especially an RFID one that could be tracked from a distance. The government is too involved in most of our lives already, and this is just a step taking it too far.

Besides, it's eerily similar to the 'mark of the beast' idea in Revelations…

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