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World Cup Anticipation

It's that time again, when the world gathers around it's favorite sport and people put aside political differences in favor of national athleticism.

World Cup '06 kicks off on Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'd love to see the U.S. do as well as last time (reaching the quarterfinals), but this time around they've been placed in a much tougher group to advance from. Still, I expect them to make a strong showing, and I do expect to see them in the second round of the tournament.

Unfortunately, many of the games will be played while most of us are at work, but that's better than last time when most games were played while much of the U.S. population was asleep (not counting myself, who was up at all kind of strange hours to catch the games when I was working at a none-too-challenging summer job. So I guess I'll either have to keep track from work, or else give my HD DVR a workout!

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