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No Brain Buckets For Big Ben

As you've probably heard by now, Steeler's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Not only that, but he was riding without without a helmet (which is probably #3 on my list of stupid things you can do, right behind smoking and unprotected sex).

Now, after suffering a broken jaw, a collapsed sinus, a 9" gash on the back of his head and multiple leg injuries and undergoing 7 hours of surgery, there are some serious questions coming up about his ability to play for the Black & Gold this season. The start of the season is still almost 3 months away, but training camps start next month (with some mini-camps starting already) and the beginning of the season will come quickly. He may not be ready in time, especially if he has to have his jaw wired shut.

Even though he was the "golden boy" after the Steeler's Super Bowl win (one of the ugliest in history), this event already has some people pretty upset. Not all the details are out, but enough for people to be criticizing his decision to go helmet-less. And that's a very unusual thing to see in this Steelers-do-no-wrong town.

I may have more on this story later…

In the meantime, keep your helmets on you crazy kids!

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