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FEMA: The Definitive 'How Not To…' Resource

Nine months after FEMA's "response" to hurricane Katrina, they're now realizing that the debit cards passed to those who were impacted were used for far more than the "necessities". I know…shocking!

I mean, I'm sure the stipulations on the card were really clear. When you basically say "here's some money to help you get back on your feet", who's to say how they'll spend the money to do that. Apparrently, for one guy that meant getting divorced, strippers and porn. Ya know, the necessities…

Once again, this is another case of FEMA just screwing up. Sure, the cards are a good idea because they could be used at a number of places, but put some restrictions on them, like food stamps. Better yet, next time just hand out gift cards or vouchers. But no, FEMA just decided to hand out "free money", and people did what they pleased with it.

Just for the record, that's entry number 873 in FEMA's upcoming book How To Do Nothing Right…Ever.

EDIT: Oh, it gets worse too!

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