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Reasons We needtobreathe

I’d been looking for some more good Christian music recently, and I got this recommendation from Jason Powell’s blog, and it’s definately worth a listen. The band’s name is needtobreathe, and with their debut album Daylight, they are proving themselves to be a very solid alternative group (I hate using that, because “alternative is such a lousy name, but at least everyone know’s what I’m talking about then). Anyway, they are a band in the mold of Switchfoot, with lots of catchy sounds and meaningful lyrics.

You can get a preview of some of their songs at needtobreathe’s web site, but that’s just a smattering of their work. Their entire album is excellent (which, if you read my other reviews, is a big deal for me…I hate purchasing albums and finding that the only songs I really liked were the radio releases). If you’re itching for some quality new music, I encourage you to check it out!

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