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US Too Passive In Defeat

Following the United State's groundbreaking performance in 2002, they have followed up in this year's World Cup with a disappointing performance. Granted, they did finally break through by finally getting a point on European soil in World Cup play with a tie against Italy, but uninspired performances against the Czech's and Ghana ultimately lead to their demise.

The team did not attach much in any of their games (except for short stretches against the Italians), but played very conservative. Unfortunately, they had a very tallented attacking team and this style of play kept many of them in check. Add to that the befuddling performance of team captain Claudio Reyna, who regularly was overmatched, killed his teams attacking runs by holding the ball, and continued to turn the ball over (one of which directly turned into a goal for Ghana).

Maybe the youngsters who will be back in four years will learn what it takes to really compete in the World Cup. And maybe the national team will reconsider keeping coach Arenas on board. In this cup, it just seemed like he kept the reigns on the talents of his players in favor of his system (a la Larry Brown with the Pistons).

While disappointed with this result, I still look forward to how the rest of the Cup plays out. Gotta find a second team to get behind…hmmm…both Ghana and the Swiss might be fun to cheer for.

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