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Life Comes At You Fast…

You've probably seen the commercials with that tag line, but this past week it sure has been the truth. Monday, we got the news that Pastor Paul was going to be leaving our church to move out to Washington state. Marci and I are very sad to be seeing him and his family go becaue they have been our best friends in Pittsburgh for the last few years. But they are being called by God into family ministry, so we wish them all the best and do plan to stay in touch!

Then in the middle of the week I got a call from Don letting me know that Meredith was pregnant. Congratulations to the expecting couple! Seems like many of my friends are starting (or growing) their families, which is nice to see, but Marci and I are still several years away from doing that ourselves. Besides, the dog is enough trouble.

Then yesterday I got a call from my parents letting me know that my dad had accepted a position here in the Pittsburgh area, and that they'll be moving this way in the next few months. I had known this was a possibility because my dad had visited with us when he came over for several interviews, but now it's becoming a reality. I have to say that I'm looking forward to having them closer, and Marci likes the idea as well, as long as we're not sharing a living space :-). The whole family seems fine with the idea, even though they'll be leaving the town where we all graduated from high school, but you've also got to play the hand you've been dealt.

So, after nearly a year of marriage with not too many events, we suddenly got bombarded with lots of life-changing news (maybe not all of it changing our lives, but life-changing none-the-less).

For once, the advertisers were telling the truth…

"Life Comes At Your Fast"

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