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Month: June 2006

No Brain Buckets For Big Ben

As you've probably heard by now, Steeler's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Not only that, but he was riding without without a helmet (which is probably #3 on my list of stupid things you can do, right behind smoking and unprotected sex).

Now, after suffering a broken jaw, a collapsed sinus, a 9" gash on the back of his head and multiple leg injuries and undergoing 7 hours of surgery, there are some serious questions coming up about his ability to play for the Black & Gold this season. The start of the season is still almost 3 months away, but training camps start next month (with some mini-camps starting already) and the beginning of the season will come quickly. He may not be ready in time, especially if he has to have his jaw wired shut.

Even though he was the "golden boy" after the Steeler's Super Bowl win (one of the ugliest in history), this event already has some people pretty upset. Not all the details are out, but enough for people to be criticizing his decision to go helmet-less. And that's a very unusual thing to see in this Steelers-do-no-wrong town.

I may have more on this story later…

In the meantime, keep your helmets on you crazy kids!

Rockies Use Christian-Based Code of Ethics To Guide Team

A very interesting article from USA Today that you may have missed:

Baseball's Rockies seek revival on two levels

It is interesting to read the comments from those outside the organization, who seem to have mixed feelings on the religious influence.

What's wrong with putting together a team of guys who try to live life the right way? It's much better than looking the other way when guys make a major mistake.

World Cup Anticipation

It's that time again, when the world gathers around it's favorite sport and people put aside political differences in favor of national athleticism.

World Cup '06 kicks off on Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'd love to see the U.S. do as well as last time (reaching the quarterfinals), but this time around they've been placed in a much tougher group to advance from. Still, I expect them to make a strong showing, and I do expect to see them in the second round of the tournament.

Unfortunately, many of the games will be played while most of us are at work, but that's better than last time when most games were played while much of the U.S. population was asleep (not counting myself, who was up at all kind of strange hours to catch the games when I was working at a none-too-challenging summer job. So I guess I'll either have to keep track from work, or else give my HD DVR a workout!

Thank God For PBS

Perhaps this is only a phemenon that I've noticed (or only interests me), but I find it amazing that public broadcast is always on the cutting edge of technology. Here in Pittsburgh, not only is our PBS-HD channel one of the best on the air, but even it's affilliate radio station is one of just a handful in the city brodcasting HD-Radio. Heck, I can't even get FOX in HD where I live right now.

Considering that PBS gets most of it's funding through government programs and fund drives, and without the benefit of advertising, public broadcast has been remarkably on-the-ball. You'd think the other stations would have the resources to make the changes faster. But then again, for the corporate stations money is the bottom line, while for PBS, it's simply making the best product they can.

Kickin' It Up A Notch: German Churches To Show World Cup Games

SoccerToday, I came across a very cool article on ESPN today about how a number of German churches are looking to appeal to soccer fans by showing World Cup games in their buildings. Not only that, but the churches in communities where games are being held will be holding services in the languages of the countries playing there that day. Talk about trying to appeal to the masses.

While the article does raise some concerns being made by observers, the general idea is a great way to get people in the door. Once people come and find a friendly environment, they are more likely to come back and hear what you have to say about God. As always, any good relationship is built upon a solid friendship. And if that friendship is built upon soccer, then there is nothing wrong with that.

Maybe it's something we could try with Steelers games at our church in the fall…

So You Think Canada's So Great?

A staff of a Canadian political candidate claimed they were able to shut down a site that was critical of his involvement in a fundraising scandal. They contacted the country's domain registrar and had them pull the DNS records so that the site could no longer be reached.

So, basically an embarassed political candidate abused his powers to take away the free speech of those who opposed him. I guess the guillotine was too harsh of an option, or would have caused too much political backlash.

When will politicians realize that they aren't running for high school class president and that their actions actually affect the lifes of thousands, if not millions of people?

Ahh, well…a man can dream, a man can dream..

Tag, You're It!

Caught a Slashdotted article today about implanting RFID chips in immigrants and guest workers. While a fine idea scientifically, there are a number of moral objections to the idea. Essentially, it's the same kind of chip that they implant into pets at the vet (except it would need a longer batter life than the 20 years on those ones…I only know because we just got Jake!) to keep pets from getting lost.

But is it ethical to treat other humans as such? I know we've got some serious border issues (and if I lived in California, I'd be peeved that such a large portion of my taxes went to supporting illegal immigrants…c'mon, the immigration procedures aren't that unbearable). But I wouldn't be too keen on getting a chip put in me, especially an RFID one that could be tracked from a distance. The government is too involved in most of our lives already, and this is just a step taking it too far.

Besides, it's eerily similar to the 'mark of the beast' idea in Revelations…

Changing My Tune

I was driving around yesterday on my way into Oakland to pick up Marci after class to take Jake on a walk in Schenley Park. I was listening to my iPod and on came one of my throwback songs from my middle/high-school that I started singing along with.

And about halfway through the song I stopped completely.

It was one of those songs that I had known for so long that I didn't even need to think about it as I sang along, and then the lyrics hit my stream of conciousness. Man, were they inappropriate!

Now, I'm not a total prude. I don't mind swearing in songs as long it's used to convey an emotion (and not just as a filler like in most rap songs), and I don't mind what some would consider "questionable" topics. I can think of two Smashing Pumpkins songs that some Christians would have difficulties with (Zero and The Everlasting Gaze), but I enjoy because they give a great verbal depiction of depression and questioning which many people deal with.

But this song was glorifying promiscuity in a way that just sickened me when I realized what I was singing. The whole confusing women's liberation with the ability to have sex with whoever was the problem. It's one guaranteed way to never find true love, because it leaves the relationship out of the equation.

Anyway, it made me think a little more about what I listen to. If someone were to listen to all the music that I listen to, what would their impression of me and my beliefs be? Unfortunately, it's not as pretty a picture as I would like.

So, what are you listening to?