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Football Season Inches Closer

Slowly, we creep closer and closer to the dawn of a new football season. Preseason games for the NFL started this week, and college games should be starting in about two weeks. I'm starting to get excited about it, as football season is my favorite time of the year. There's something strangely comforting about knowing that you can turn on a football game almost any given night and any time on the weekend. Plus, I'll have the HDTV for the whole season this year instead of just the Super Bowl like last year.

However, NBC will have to get in gear for their Sunday Night Football. Their Hall of Fame Game broadcast was absolutely awful because the sound and video was over a second off (something I haven't had a problem with on any other station or NBC show, so I'm sure it wasn't my TV).

But that will be the big change this year, the station reshuffling. At least regular games will still be on CBS and FOX, but the night games changing (Sunday from ESPN to NBC, Monday from ABC to ESPN) will take some getting used to. Hopefully the new stations won't muck it up, but I'm still not convinced that the station with the worst broadcast team (ESPN) getting one of the biggest weekly games was such a good idea. Oh well, that's sometimes what happens when dollar signs take precidence over quality.

BTW, the Pats kick off their preseason games in Atlanta tonight…GO PATS!

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