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Some Things Just Make Too Much Sense

I came across an article the other day about a "skin sensing table saw", and decided to check it out because I was curious how it could be done. Not only did I get a good explanation (and a neat video), I also found out about all the struggles of the inventor as he tried to market his innovative safety mechanism in a business more than happy to stick to the status quo.

The article, more accurately titled Man on a Mission, talks about the motivation behind the safeguard, overviews of the development process, and then documents the setbacks faced by inventor Stephen Gass over the past seven years. It's the classic story of a man sticking with an invention he believes in until he sees it come to fruition. Gass still has a ways to go, but the wheels are finally turning thanks to increased government safety regulations/recommendations.

It also shows that anyone can be given the inspiration of innovation, in any field at any time. Just ask the former patent attorney.

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