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Honor Thy Contract

Let's add Deion Branch to the ever-growing list of athletes who act like prima donnas by not honoring the contracts they've signed because they think they're worth more money. When they've "outperformed" their current contract, they believe that they are entitled to a better one immediately. However, have you ever heard of an athlete returning money or renegotiating a lesser contract because they don't feel they've lived up to the original one?

Amazingly, most of these athletes also seem to believe that they are irreplaceable. If I suddenly decided I wasn't making enough money to justify the work I was doing and started holding out by not going to work until I got what I wanted, how many days do you think it would take before I was fired and replaced? We'll put the over/under at one. The only reason an NFL team won't do the same is because of the salary cap, in which case they'd be penalized for cutting him.

For now, he may very well be on his way out of town, but I would find it far more amusing if the Patriots kept him on their Did Not Report list for the entire year. He's still under contract for a year, and that has to be an active, playing year.

Or Branch and his agent could be utterly rediculous by filing a greivance against the team. What for? Not giving him what he want's, maybe? Time to fire your utterly incompetent agent, Jason Chayut, there Branch. He's been giving you some terrible advice all along, including trying to negotiate through the media, a game the Patriots refuse to stoop to.

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