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The Guru's NFL Report: Week 1 Roundup

Quite an interesting opening weekend:

  • The most road wins in an opening weekend in well over a decade.
  • Three shutouts, with the most impressive coming from a reinvigorated Baltimore defense against a solid Tampa Bay team. Also included was the Packers being shut out for the first time in Favre's tenure with the team.
  • A weak showing by the NFC East, who many were dubbing as the strongest division in the NFL.

We can also toss in yesterday's breaking news of Patriots WR Deion Branch being traded to Seattle for a first-round draft pick. Will the move deflate the Patriots offense more than it can handle? Will Seattle be able to improve on their sorry performance in Detroit (only 9 points) with the addition of another quality target for Hasselbeck? Time will tell for both teams.

Three Ups

  1. The Browns have to be happy with what they saw from QB Charlie Frye. However, they seemed to abandon their running game too early, considering it was a team strength last season.
  2. The Rams have clearly changed their mentality under new head coach Scott Linehan, with more of a defensive focus and conservative offense. Holding Denver to only 10 points is a good early sign for them.
  3. The 49ers also have to be happy with the progress they've seen from last year's top pick, QB Alex Smith. With a few more weapons, he had a big game against the Cardinals. While the Cards are not a defensive force, it was still a major step forward from last year for Smith.

Three Downs

  1. Broncos QB Jake Plummer looked lost while throwing three bad interceptions against the Rams. He better shape up or rookie Jay Cutler will be in the driver's seat soon.
  2. The Patriots offensive line, an expected strength of the team again this year, came out flat against Buffalo's pass rush. Even though they run-blocked very well, if they don't protect Tom Brady better, it will be a long season in the northeast.
  3. The former Auburn tandem of Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams will need to do better than the combined 52 yds on 23 carries (2.26 avg) if their teams plan on contending for a playoff spot later in the season.

Near Guarantees

I was nearly flawless on last week's guarantees, only underestimating Reggie Bush (or was that overestimating Cleveland's defense). Though I will admit that Buffalo was much more competitive than I expected. He'll continue to make some matchup problems for most teams, but the Saints should be thankful that they have Deuce McAllister to carry the brunt of the rushing load.

Oh, and as I predicted, there were more 100yd recievers (9) than there were 100yd rushers (7) in week one of the season.

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