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The Guru's NFL Report: Week 2 Roundup

After a hectic Tuesday which left me no time to post my usual round-up, I'm now playing catch-up on Wednesday. No problem though, because nothing much has changed in the last 24 hours. Division races are beginning to take shape, but it's hard to read too much into anything at this point in the young season.

Three Ups

  1. Chicago's gotta be happy that their offense is at least starting to catch up with their defense. They've scored 60 points already this season, something which took them twice as many games to do last season.

  2. The 49ers put up a very solid win against the Rams, who held the Broncos offense in check in Week 1. Smith and Gore are definately taking big steps forward this season, but will they be able to carry a shaky defense all season?

  3. All Minnesota's done is put up wins against two 2005 playoff teams in the first two weeks of their season. They haven't been dominant, but they've done enough to win. If they keep it up, they may even be contending for a wild card spot.

Three Downs

  1. The Dolphins, the "analysts" trendy pick to win the AFC East and possibly even reach the Superbowl, have shown that their offensive line can't handle good defensive fronts. Seeing as how most of the contenders in the AFC have solid defensive fronts (New England, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Denver, San Diego, Indianapolis, etc.), we are probably more likely to see a season-long "Fish Fry" than a playoff run from Miami.

  2. The Carolina Kittens' offense has shown no claws without Steve Smith. Rookie DeAngelo Williams looked good against Minnesota, but they'll need to find more weapons if they want to reach the post-season.

  3. Tennessee is in shambles right now. No running game, no passing game thanks to retread/last-minute-addition Kerry Collins, and they just traded away the guy who was expected to be the starting QB at the beginning of training camp for almost nothing. It may get worse (but not much, because it can't get that much worse) before it gets better.

The Warranty Approach To Guarantees

"Hey, if you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will. I got spare time. But for right now, for your sake, for your daughter's sake, ya might wanna think about buying a quality item…"

-Tommy Boy

While Atlanta did run roughshod all over Tampa Bay, and the Lions got destroyed in Chigago, I was a little off with my guarantees this week.

  • Oakland managed to avoid their second straight shutout…but just barely.

  • Reggie Bush really disappointed in Green Bay (6 carries for 5 yards, 8 catches for 68 yards). The Saints running game never really got started, but their passing game shined while leading them to victory.

  • Oh, and I completely blew the Arizona-Seattle game. I pulled a Denny Green and got duped into believing that Arizona's high-powered offense could overcome their less-than-stellar defense.

And fortunately, there were no season-ending injuries in Monday's knock-down-drag-out contest between Jacksonville and Pittsburgh. However, the Jags did show a knack for doing just enough in earning their second straight victory.

I'll be back in a few days with Week 3's preview.

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