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The Guru's NFL Report: Week 4 In Review

So, after having all of my "guarantees" go completely haywire in Week 3, it was probably best to bury my head in the sand for Week 4. Now that I've given some time for the embarassment to die down, let's take a look at what Week 4 has shown us.

Three Ups

  1. New England – After getting shown up at home by the Broncos last Sunday night, the Patriots rebounded nicely on the road against the previously undefeated Bengals. The nice 1-2 punch of Dillon and Maroney also helped to open up a struggling passing game. As a Patriots fan, seeing that game made me very optimistic about the rest of the season.

  2. AFC East – In addition to the Patriots, the division is looking more competitive than initially thought. While the Dolphins have been a disappointment so far, the Jets and Bills have both been solid surprises.

  3. Chicago – They just decimated the Seahawks, who were without last year's MVP RB Shawn Alexander. Still the 37-6 beating was still impressive against a team thought to be the class of the NFC.

Three Downs

  1. Oakland – Blew a 18-point lead against a previously winless Browns team to go to 0-3. How long until Raider Nation realizes that no matter who is coaching their team, they just don't have enough of a team to compete.

  2. San Francisco – After coming out very competitive in their first two contests, they have absolutely been oblitherated at home against the Eagles and at Kansas City, who was starting career back-up QB Damon Huard. With the debacle going on across the bay and the Giants missing the MLB playoffs, can things get much darker in the San Francisco area. Oh yea…that whole BALCO thing…

  3. Arizona – After beating out the 49ers in the season opener, the offense has struggled almost as much as the defense. Now they're turning over the reigns of the offense to rookie Matt Leinart. Not sure it will help, but it can't hurt any more than Kurt Warner playing tackling dummy in the pocket (despire the great person that he is).

Go Directly To Jail…

Allow me a minute to jump on my soapbox and address the Albert Haynesworth incident. What he did on Sunday was abominal, even in the violent sport of football. After tearing off Dallas center Andre Gurode's helmet, he then proceded to kick him and stomp on his head. The NFL has come done on Haynesworth with a 5 game suspension, and even though it is the longest suspension ever passed out by the league for an on-field incident, I feel that it was not harsh enough.

In all honesty, what Haynesworth did was not only warranting of a suspension (probably for the remainder of the season), but qualified as assault, which could have (and possibly may, if charges are pressed) land him in jail. Haynesworth was extremely remorseful after the game, yet that does not excuse the actions which he did take on the field. Whether it was in the "heat of the moment" or not, what Haynesworth did was absolutely inexcuseable, and the league should have made a more definitive statement to that effect.

Alright…I'll get off my soapbox now.

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