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News of the Stupid

Every once in a while, I like to hilight stories that I just find unbelieveable. Whether it be dumb crooks, misguided scientists or gullible consumers, someone probably shoud have grabbed these people and stopped them.

  • TV For Aliens – A French television station will broadcast the TV equivalent of "Humans For Dummies", featuring two naked individuals talking about human bodies, how humans are "created", and the main elements of daily life. However, not only will the aliens need to be able to receive the transmissions (surely, they'll have the equipment, right?), but they'll also have to understand either French or German, the two languages the broadcast will be transmitted in. So that means the broadcast will be useless for me (and many other Americans), let alone any potential alien life forms.

  • DVD Rewinder – If you don't understand why this device is utterly useless, then hurry up and buy one today!

  • Hollywood Speaks Out Against Piracy (Again) – Yes, Tinseltown is once again griping about how much money they are losing to piracy. While I'm not condoning piracy, the movie studios have brought a lot of this on themsleves (just like the music industry). They, until very recently fought against online distribution and new technology while ill-conceived DRM efforts have caused more problems than they've solved. Add to that the fact that DVD prices have remained the same, if not increased, since the media has gone mainstream, and you're going to have an industry-consumer war on your hands. In the end, I just find it ironic that an industry built on stealing ideas from other mediums for their movies is moaning about their products stolen as well.

Feel free to add to this as time goes on in the comments below. After all, each of us can only handle so much stupidity at a time!

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