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De-Godding Money?

For any of you who are confused into thinking that atheism is not a form of religion, you should read this rant about de-Godding US currency. First, the guy is getting way too worked up about a few words on money. He says he's been crossing out "God" in "In God We Trust" for over 10 years now before he spends them. I'm not sure what "In We Trust" is supposed to mean, but apparently it has some kind of special meaning to him.

His efforts clearly speak to someone who has a belief that God exists, but he wants no part of Him, and not someone who does not believe in God at all (which is what an atheist is defined as, correct?). I'd expect an atheist to look at the inscription and laugh because they though the notion was ridiculous, but this guy pushes towards anger issues.

While the guy has the right to do what he wants within the bounds of the law, you've got to think about the correlation between the growing anti-religious sentiment, the decline in morality, and the downward spiral of humanity that has been developing over the past half century. I'm pretty sure it's not all a coincidence.

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